Compilation of Project 350SE-L


Mid-Novemvber 2007
Um, so I feel like a fool. I changed my plugs today because I was running very rich earlier on, I figured fresh ones are just what the car needs. Turns out plug #6 was still brand new. It seems I've been running on 5 cylinders this entire time, furthermore, the car has been unbelievably fast on just those 5. Luckily I located the problem, The ECU was not sending out a pulse for injector #6. So the cylinder is not damaged, it was just getting no fuel. I changed to a different inj driver and WOW. The car came even more alive. LET'S JUST SAY COMFORTABLE 12s.

UPDATE: Late March 2008:
Crazy, it's been almost 5 months since my last update. Car is still running great, Not much has happened recently, I moved and my new job has kept me from getting too much done. Here's what has happened since Novembber.

November 11th:
As shown above, I discovered one of my injectors wasn't delivering any fuel. I solved that issue with a new line from the ECU and boy, it improved everything, from fuel economy, to sound, speed, I guess that's to be expected.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of my problems. Right around december, the car begins its second phase of ECU problems. Coil #6 and coil #3 are now popping for no reason at all. I manage to score 6 new ones at a junk yard, but in all, I blow through 6 before the issue is resolved. Be it bad grounding or a bad signal, I replaced both going to coils 3&6. The coils stop popping and my car is running great. Both issues have not repeated themselves since.

December 13th:
TRACK TIME!!! Oh man, what a fun night it was, not because of the runs, but getting to show it off. I lined up in the 13-second lanes and decided to keep the hood down. Immediately, this attracted people to come up and kneel down to see how big my intercooler intercooler they never found. Wasn't too bad a night for runs. First gear was a joke, Second gear would work if I babied the clutch. For the most part, though, not a chance to get any good 60' times. My best times were 13.3 at 106MPH.

I got some video of the night, but the guy I gave my camera to was not the sharpest photographer:

====== VIDEO CLICK HERE ======
======= (TRACK NIGHT) =======

Additionally, me and a buddy (one who knows how to take video) went out to a private road for some good footage:

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======= (OUTSIDE RUN 1) =======

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======= (OUTSIDE RUN 2) =======

December 26th:
Made a trip over to Tampa to visit XAT. Finally a good opportunity for a complete Dyno Tune on the AEM. I let them work their magic, we manage to gain power everywhere along the powerband, up to 20hp in some spots. Not only a better curve, but a consistant curve.

====== VIDEO CLICK HERE ======
========= (DYNOJET) =========

February 26th:
Just some pictures. 1. Never buy Autozone axles. That's right, both of them developed a pinhole in the CV boot. 2. My broken motor mount 3. I figured an SE-R emblem would most appropriate since the car is both born of the Sentra SE-R and boasts the engine found in an Altima SE-R. 4. The 3 cars get together for the first time. 5. I grab a nice looking catch can to use as my radiator overflow tank.

February 28th:
My new job has allowed me to meet some really nice machine shops in the area. A buddy at Advance Tools was able to help me fabricate a brand new motor mount from the same design as the old one, this time, much thicker material. I gotta say they do some of the best work, and it shows because Advance fabricated almost every part I design for my company.

That is all I have to report for now. I leave you with a nice picture I made a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: July 2008
Yup, still haven't had a really good track day yet, car doesn't get out all that much, cept for local meets.

Here's a drawing I made:

I got sick of the droning coming from the side exit exhaust, I bought a small welder, some pipe and a Thrush muffler and went to work. I'll be sure to post sound clips soon.

Next up. I had a set of Audi A4 HID Projectors and bulbs sitting around for about 4 years now, which is longer than I've had this car. I finally went online and bought a set of Ballasts to complete this, then I just needed the balls to destroy my original Nis-Knacks projectors in the name of a retrofit. It was a nice install, though, took me a total of 4 hours.


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