Compilation of Project 350SE-L


September 2007
One wheel bearing and now I'm able to put it back on the ground. The garage was getting a little cramped so I decided to let her out for some fresh air. Completion is SOON.

AEM computer has arrived and is installed in the car. A few little things need to be done as far as the fuel and sensors go, but I expect one more week before I start it up. The latest maps have also been installed on the computer.

October 2007
Few last-minute preparations. Installed 3 Defi gauges for temp, oil pressure and voltage. Also modified the headers so I could have somewhat of a temporary Y-pipe.

October 10, 2007
The ECU just came back, it was wired slightly wrong. I got everything hooked up, turned the key and voila we have a running engine. A very, very rich running engine (about 3MPG at the moment), but it runs and it idles. Engine is soon to get a nice tune.

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I also decided this is the time to put the dash back on.

October 25, 2007
The car has been tuned over at speedzone. I also got the exhaust all tacked up. It's a single 3" side exit with a 30" long Magnaflow muffler to quiet it down as much as possible. The Sound is unbelievable. The tune is great for being non-dyno. The car feels in the low 13s at the moment, still seems to be a little rich here and there, but very drivable and able to lay down rubber at will. Lastly, I added on a random intake lying around the shop, it fits on great and does what it needs to do.

Oh yea, and I cleaned up the headlights with some Plexiglas Polish SO QUIT TELLING ME MY HEADLIGHTS ARE UGLY!!!

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